The Gravity Drive – “Push Your Luck” (single)

I first caught the Gravity Drive on the soundtrack to a TV show about six months back, when the chorus of their “Cherry Ripe” track got stuck in my head. After which, nifty googling revealed them to be a duo previously picked up by BBC 6 Music, that British bastion of original new music, and starting point for breaking acts these days.

Coming on like the Beautiful South meets the Monkees, the Gravity Drive’s latest, “Push Your Luck”, is yet another infectious three-minute wonder to haunt your waking moments. Lyrically, at least, it’s a sly and sarcastic, bittersweet barb about lovers pushing each other to the edge. Yet, as an overall track, “Push Your Luck” is a wonderfully loopy, up, dizzy and dancing three-minute pop joy.

Great pop will earworm you to death — less affectation, more a simple infection, for which the only known cure is to go buy the record and spin it ‘til the grooves wear through. A diagnosis which fits “Push Your Luck” perfectly and which is good news, given that the Gravity Drive currently has “Push Your Luck” available for free download over at their site.

After which, there’ll be an official single release, “Trick of the Light”, in September.

All this scratching is making me itch.

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