Brooklyn Pour: 6 October 2012 (Preview)

The upcoming Brooklyn Pour, presented by The Village Voice, promises over 100 craft beers and entertainment.

Brooklyn Pour

Earlier this year, The Village Voice hosted an event called 'Choice Eats' featuring samples and demonstrations from all sorts of gourmet and local eateries. Now, they are having their second annual craft beer festival dubbed 'Brooklyn Pour' this coming weekend. (One wonders if there will be a third annual event considering The Village Voice is being sold but that is neither here nor there.)

At Brooklyn Pour, an attendee can expect to sample "the best seasonal, micro and reserve brews from breweries located in the country with a pinpointed focus on the tri-state area". Sampling probably implies moderation, which is advised when consuming alcohol. But I wonder how it will actually go down. It isn't quiet Oktoberfest, but three hours of "sampling" amidst talks and demonstrations, and the fact it's on a Saturday will make Brooklyn Pour a fun and unique outing.

Tickets for the two sessions (Session 1: 1:00 - 4:00 PM and Session 2: 6:00 - 9:00 PM) of Brooklyn Pour are still available on their site here.

Suggestion. Check out the Fall Record Fair at the Brooklyn Flea earlier in the day and you can get a copy of Until the Quiet Comes signed by Flying Lotus.

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