Egyptian Project – “Anta Ana” (MP3) (PopMatters Premiere)

French producer Jérôme Ettinger has long dedicated himself to exploring the sounds of Egypt and the debut of his Egyptian Project is the culmination of years of learning the music and culture, including studying the arghul, a clarinet-like, double-pipe, single-reed woodwind instrument in Cairo. Ya Amar releases October 30th via Six Degrees and features the blend of Egyptian melodies, voice and rhythms with European electronic beats and textures. It’s heady stuff, full of swirling patterns perfect for the dancefloor.

“My idea was to mix electronic, acoustic and Egyptian traditional music,” Ettinger says. “I chose one string instrument player, one singer, a percussionist and rababa player. They are all my family now — I manage and organize everything for all of them.”

Today we have the pleasure of premiering “Anta Ana”, a beat-laden track from the upcoming album. Also, you can check out some samples of the rest of the album below.

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