Michna: Moving Mountains

Ben Olson

Michna offers an enchanting, richly textured EP for feeling good about stuff.


Moving Mountains

Label: Ghostly International
US Release Date: 2012-09-18
UK Release Date: import
Label website

Michna’s Moving Mountains is a delightful, sunny way to start your day. It has been some time since I have run across house music this friendly and warm. It is the kind of electronic dance music that makes you want to walk around your neighborhood on a bright fall morning, smiling and being nice to people. Maybe you will meet a stray cat and bend down to pet him for awhile, shaking your ass in the air to the gentle grooves of “Wanted Exotic” while you do. First track “Titanium Glaciers” is a little bit misleading as far as the tone of the rest of the EP goes though; not bad, but colder, more hip-hop, vaguely DJ Spooky-ish. Michna might have been better off putting “Titanium Glaciers” on a different EP of related material; the track name itself gives you a good feeling of its affect. Moving Mountains is charming and ambrosial; what it lacks in aggressive originality, it more than makes up for in general pleasantness.

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