Tatzu Nishi's 'Discovering Columbus' and Columbus Day Parade (Photos)

Finding and decorating a spacious living room in New York is a challenge. Tatzu Nishi decided he would build his own, right around the statue of Columbus. But don't worry, as an artistic endeavor, it's open to the public.

Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi has created a cultural attraction in Columbus Circle with his artistic project 'Discovering Columbus' -- a "living room" built around the statue of Columbus, six stories up in the air. Free tickets, distributed through the Public Art Fund through November 18th 2012, are available on a timed basis (plan ahead) so that visitors can climb the stairs and take a view of the larger than life statue. When you get to the top, you'll take in some nice views of Central Park and down streets and avenues. But again, plan ahead as the AP reports that 80,000 people will visit this exhibit before it ends.

"Living room in the sky? I thought 'Cool. Check it out,'" said business analyst Brianna Goodman, who visited this past week. "I would never have thought to build a living room around a statue, but it made it like an intimate setting. And then the view from up there!"

Artist Martha Bone said the walk up and down the stairs was well worth it. "It was one of the best installations I've ever seen. ... It's my city. I like to know what's going on in it."

AP's "Living room built around NYC Columbus statue a hit".

And then the day after I visited the living room, a more national recognition of Columbus occurred, along with another one of NYC's many parades.

Columbus Day Parade:

Governor Cuomo

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