Savoir Adore's 'Our Nature' Record Release Show: 9 October 2012

Savoir Adore celebrate the release of Our Nature with a show in Brooklyn just before they start out on a busy tour and some CMJ appearances. Photos and album stream are here.

When I interviewed Savoir Adore a month or so prior to the release of their album Our Nature, I asked both Paul Hammer and Deidre Muro what they thought was their favorite track on their new album. Both of them leaned strongly towards "At the Same Time" noting that the way their vocals blend together in the song even gave their friends pause trying to determine which voice was whose. On stage at the Knitting Factory, I noticed that Hammer and Muro did seem to have more fun with this song, looking across the stage towards each other as they voices intermingled. Already way into the evening the audience may not have even noticed the exchange but I was on the lookout for this song.

Savoir Adore led off with album opening track "Dreamers", which unfortunately lacked a bit of the '80s charm lent by the vocal processing Hammer's voice goes through. Perhaps they were still working out some kinks with recreating the songs live. But it gave the crowd something immediate to grab onto, as the track was released sometime last year and by now the fans had to know it by heart. (Full disclosure: while preparing for the interview, I discovered "Dreamers" is one of my favorites off the album.) The band's entire performance wasn't much more than an hour long, but for that one hour, Hammer, Muro, and the audience most of all, had a great time as Savoir Adore kept things poppy and fun.

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