Ana Gazzola: Musicas e Palavras dos Bee Gees

Ana Gazzola
Musicas e Palavras dos Bee Gees

Some people mistakenly believe that words are individual units be which we communicate that mean the same thing in every language. Nothing could be further from the truth. The culture and the feeling behind a word carries meaning–and in the case of Portugeuse, this is especially true. Take the case of Ana Gazzola’s latest album, a tribute to Australia’s Bee Gees. Even to a person with a minimum of exposure as myself can clearly hear the romantic difference between Gazzola’s interpretations and the originals. Gazolla’s words convey the physical nature of love as she sings them like a kiss. In English a line such as “Nobody gets too much / heaven no more / It’s much harder to come by / I’m waiting in line / Nobody gets too much love anymore / It’s as high as a mountain / And harder to climb” as ethereal and clichéd, in Gazolla’s mouth “Maior Que O Infinito” comes out as passion expression simply expressed. This is a high concept record: a talented female singer with Brazilian roots covers the Bee Gees’ love songs to simple accompaniment. Some people think the world is full of silly love songs–but Gazzola make’s one think twice.

RATING 7 / 10