The Top Ten Quentin Tarantino Bad-Asses

No, they're not who you think they are. Here's our selections for the 10 forgotten figments of cool in Tarantino's amazing oeuvre.

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#5: Winston Wolf -- Pulp Fiction

We know he's a badass. After all, he impresses none other than King of the Badasses, Jules Winnfield. But there has got to be more than this passive problem solver. More than his revved up desire to drive fast. More than his knowledge of bathing rituals at the local lock-up. More than the massive roll of cash he carries around to help employer pal Marcellus Wallace "fix" things. Yet, with his damper demeanor and crazy quick wit, The Wolf is an enigma begging for an explanation. If there ever is a Vega Brothers film, here's hoping the origins of this character are included.

#4: Shosanna Dreyfus -- Inglourious Basterds

Yes, she's a main character. We know. Yes, she escapes capture by Hans Lando only to become responsible for the killing of every important high ranking member of the Third Reich (it's her movie theater that she purposefully burns to the ground with the nasty Nazis inside). But when viewed alongside her Jew Hunter oppressor and the members of Aldo Raine's amazing mercenaries, she appears as a pawn, a player of import cast aside by larger personalities. But make no mistake about it, Shoshanna is a badass. Only she could save the world through cinema.

#3: Gogo Yubari -- Kill Bill, Vol. 1

As the henchgirl and personal bodyguard of assassin O-Ren Ishii, this disturbed little gal enjoys her job -- perhaps, a bit too much. After all, with her school babe giggle and penchant for gore, she's like every male fantasy made wholly and undeniably lethal. And look at her weapon of choice, a barbed wire ball on the end of a chain, one complete with a retractable saw blade? Yikes! While she doesn't last long (thanks to a far more fatal Bride), Gogo gives good threat. Watching how she became a killer would be another excellent cinematic offshoot.

#2: Hugo Stiglitz -- Inglourious Basterds

His hero moment comes early on, when he's asked by the Basterds if he would like to join their cause. Of course, killing his onetime comrades is never in question, since no one wrongs Hugo Stiglitz. As deadly as they come and with a clear desire to kill, this German hating ex-Nazi is nasty plus. He's also one of the few members of the group that doesn't have a moral (read" religious) spin to his slaughter. He just likes to spill the blood of his superiors. With a look that can literally destroy, he's the menace behind the Basterds' main business.

#1: Joe Cabot -- Reservoir Dogs

He doesn't carry a gun. He's not part of the hold-up proper. He may be the mastermind of the entire enterprise, but there is something so unsettling about Big Joe that it's hard to get a handle on. He's clearly packing enough metaphysical heat to keep crazies like Mr. Blonde in line, but there is also a bruised brutality about his persona that reeks of smelly boxing gyms and gory alley fights. As essayed with gruff perfection by Laurence Tierney, Joe is a devise devil. One moment, he is relying on you to protect his criminal outfit. The next he's giving you a "girly" nickname.

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