Kiki Gyan: 24 Hours in a Disco 1978-1982

Kiki Gyan
24 Hours in a Disco 1978-1982

These tracks are so purely disco that it’s hard to judge them now, so chronologically removed from the milieu they were created to fill, but you can hear a family resemblance between these and EDM — the minimal lyrics, a small repertoire of riffs and noises being regularly refreshed and filliped by changes that can be as delicate as a voice saying, “Love love” instead of “love.” The tracks on 24 Hours are not short pop-chart attention-grabbers, they’re steady monsters that run for seven or nine minutes each and they maintain themselves for those lengths of time. They don’t change much but they don’t sag either, the inspiration doesn’t die, there’s never a climax, just unremitting groove then a pause then we’re into the next stretch with “Sexy Dancer” or “Disco Dancer” or “Keep on Dancing”. Gyan, Ghanaian, played keyboard for pan-national Osibisa, and his independent disco career lasted for two albums before he shipwrecked himself on a cocaine addiction. It’s a pity — he was talented. The albums did especially well in Nigeria.

RATING 6 / 10