Falko Brocksieper: Shortcake Strategy

Falko Brocksieper
Shortcake Strategy

Do you feel like spacing out to some good old fashioned minimalist house music? Want to forego all of the complicated, extraneous burping, layering, and complexity of all that fancy, left-field dance music? Do you just want to dance to a steady, consistent house beat all night long like you did in the good old days? Well, Falko Brocksieper knows exactly how you feel and he has cooked up a batch of pleasant, totally unsurprising house music for people who want just that and nothing more. This music makes me feel like I am back in that one warehouse that use to throw illegal raves when I was about 16. I think there is a strip club there now, but that’s beside the point; what you need to understand is that when I was a teenager music that sounded pretty much exactly like Falko Brocksieper’s Shortcake Strategy was readily available in the above mentioned warehouse on any given Friday or Saturday night. There were girls with lots of candy bracelets, and glow-sticks, and plenty of ecstasy, and the cops would usually shut the thing down by two A.M. or so, and it was awesome. So if enjoyable, inoffensive, unchallenging house music is on your agenda, and my warehouse rave scenario makes you feel nostalgic, Falko Brocksieper has got you covered.

RATING 5 / 10