OMD Will Release New Album, 'English Electric', in April

A sublime reason for early Monday happiness... a brand new OMD album is on the way April 9th that the duo describes as a "12-track letter to technology, space, love".

Andy McCluskey says of the album: "The overarching feel tends to be a sense of loss, of melancholia, that things haven't turned out the way you wanted them to, whether it be with technology or personal relationships."

The original four-piece band will tour the record this spring in a set of shows celebrating the iconic group's 35th anniversary.


01. Please Remain Seated

02. Metroland

03. Night Café

04. The Future Will Be Silent

05. Helen of Troy

06. Our System

07. Kissing the Machine

08. Decimal

09. Stay With Me

10. Dresden

11. Atomic Ranch

12. Final Song

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