Waves of Fury: Thirst

Waves of Fury

Waves of Fury is a fascinating combination of Motown-style pop music and raw punk. Singer/songwriter/guitarist Carter Sharp’s voice is a mess of near-incomprehensible singing and a lot of shouting. Despite these limitations, he can carry a tune when he needs to, and he’s a canny enough songwriter to pass off a lot of the melody to the guitars and saxophone player Bim Williams. So even when Sharp is bleating along on a track like “Businessman’s Guide to Witchcraft” over a bed of heavily distorted and feedback-laden guitars, there’s a super-catchy horn section and simple piano line in the background making it all pleasantly catchy. Conversely, the bouncy shuffle of “These Things I Leave You” is stripped of its pop sheen by the inclusion of Sharp’s wrecked vocal delivery and the blistering distorted guitar solo. Over 10 tracks and 31 minutes, Waves of Fury steadfastly maintain that balance between raw and catchy without ever going over the line in either direction, and the result is off-kilter and exciting.

RATING 7 / 10