Call for UK-Based DVD and Music Critics


Pitch Deadline: None. This is a standing call.

Contact: Karen Zarker

Email: zarker at popmatters dot com

PopMatters has many connections with DVD distributors in the UK. We’re looking for UK-based folks to pen reviews on current DVD releases, as well as to write feature articles on aspects of UK film and TV culture and history.

We’re looking for reviewers who can submit a review every week or every two weeks. You can choose your frequency among those two options. Writing for PopMatters gives you a chance to showcase your talent to an international, media-savvy audience of more than 1 million readers a month. DVDs assigned will be sent to you.

Reviews should run at least 800 words and provide smart and engaging cultural analysis of movies or TV, rather than simple thumbs up or down judgments or plot summaries. Features run in excess of 1,200 words and should be in-depth and display stylish writing.

Please send an e-mail describing your background, two recent film or TV-related writing samples, and one review that would be your first published piece at PopMatters if you are accepted, to:

Karen Zarker, Senior Editor at: Zarker at

The subject line should read: PopMatters UK DVD Critic Application.



Regular CD reviews run 500-700 words and display a knowledge of music history and real genre expertise, rather than simply “I like this” or “I hate that”. They should employ a smart look at the music within its larger cultural contexts. Capsule reviews run between 100-150 words and writers are expected to write both long reviews as well as capsules, and keep up with tight deadlines.

Feature pieces are in excess of 1,200 words and look at a particular artist, genre, trend or happening within the music world. They also look at the intersection between music and other cultural forms such as film, TV, multimedia, fashion, and politics. These pieces can include artist interviews and profiles of an exceeding smart and critical nature.

For Consideration:

Please send a e-mail describing your background, along with two recent music-related writing samples (preferably reviews) that are each at least 500 words, and one 500-800 word review of an album not in our review archive that would be your first published PopMatters piece if you are accepted, to:

  • Arnold Pan, Music Editor [arnoldpan at popmatters dot com], AND
  • Sarah Zupko, Editor & Publisher [editor at popmatters dot com].

The subject line should read: PopMatters Music Application.

We need all three of these things before we can consider your application.