Alek Fin: Mull

Alek Fin

Alek Fin has crafted a stunning EP with Mull. From the entrancing album art to the songs themselves, this feels like a complete and fully realized work. In four songs Alek Fin manages to say more than some producers-turned-artists can in three records. It’s haunting, calming, and inspiring in equal measure during its strongest moments, like the slow-burning title track and the crackling nervous energy of “Gone”, Mull‘s outstanding final track. The only moments that temporarily lose me on Mull are all confined to the ever-so-slightly overstuffed Radiohead-esque Rocks in Paper– and even then there are grounded organic elements of it that immediately re-enfold me in what’s happening. While it’s still early in his career, Mull has the potential to stand out as Fin’s masterwork. Mull is a perfect marriage of futurism and grounded traditionalism and is well worth getting excited over.

RATING 7 / 10