Bill Mallonee: The Power & the Glory

Bill Mallonee
The Power & the Glory
Cowboy Angle Music

Bill Mallonee is one of music’s many unsung heroes. His work fronting Vigilantes of Love and his tremendous solo output were enough to earn him a spot on Paste Magazine’s 100 Best Living Songwriters list. Yet aside from that, his notoriety is mostly relegated to Americana/folk-rock genre specialists. However, in that following there’s a fervent devotion to him, which he’s earned every bit of by operating at a spectacularly high achievement level for the better part of the past few decades. All most will need is one listen to The Power & the Glory‘s opening track, “Carolina, Carolina” to be convinced of his deep-rooted authenticity. There’s the grit of early Neil Young paired with the experience of any of the Traveling Wilburys’ now-grizzled veterans. The Power & the Glory is the defiant sound of a true master still hard at work.

RATING 7 / 10