Green Day: 6 April 2013 - Uncasville, CT

Green Day's similar performance to those of prior year's seemed a bit tired but watching the band certainly doesn't get tiring as they draw from a tremendous pool of energy.

Green Day
City: Uncasville, CT
Venue: Mohegan Sun Arena
Date: 2013-04-06

Green Day has never been afraid to take risks. They give generously to their fans (especially when they do small intimate performances in metropolitan areas) even when they are one of the biggest acts, selling out arenas around the world. So one wouldn't fault Green Day for performing the same show night after night over the course of a single tour. However, when the set feels like the same show you saw a couple years ago, there is a bit of a problem (I'm looking at you "King for a Day" medley). Despite releasing three new albums in 2013, Green Day hardly performed any of that new material on their current '99 Revolutions' tour. One could blame this on the supposed lack of time the band had to gear up for the tour when their lead singer found himself in rehab for several months.

However, as surprising as that was, there was no reason to complain about the songs Green Day did perform. The swung through vintage numbers like "2,000 Light Years Away" and a lot off of Dookie and made room for several songs off the American Idiot album. Everyone basically kept singing along, even when not needing to fill in the deliberate pauses.

It all just goes to show how much Green Day care for their fans' enjoyment. Billie Joe and his crew constantly riled up the crowd with "Hey, Ho" choruses, brought up many of them to try and sing or dance along and even sprayed the front rows down with water and toilet paper. It was one hot mess in the general admission area that's for sure. Green Day have gotten the arena rock tour experience down pat. Now they just need to freshen up their routine a little.


1. 99 Revolutions

2. Know Your Enemy

3. Stay The Night

4. Letterbomb

5. Stop When The Red Lights Flash

6. Oh Love

7. Holiday

8. Boulevard of Broken Dreams

9. Burnout

10. Coming Clean

11. F.O.D.

12. 2,000 Light Years Away

13. Hitchin' A Ride

14. Brain Stew

15. St. Jimmy

16. When I Come Around

17. Longview

18. Basket Case

19. She

20. King For A DayShout/Time Is on My Side/Satisfaction/Hey Jude

21. X-Kid

22. Minority

[encore break]

23. American Idiot

24. Jesus of Suburbia

25. Brutal Love

99 Revolutions Remaining Tour Dates:





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