Imagine you are a jazz drummer who has played with almost every famous modern jazz musician from A to Z. You scored music for a circus in Moscow and released an album on the Tzadik label where each track you composed was inspired by sculptor Joan Miró. During your downtime, you assemble five “albums” of sample tracks for the purposes of showing off your film scoring skills. You post these little experiments as free downloads on your Bandcamp account. This grabs the attention of a scout from…America’s Got Talent.

Now you can feel some of Bobby Previte’s surprise.

Unlike the guys from Major League Baseball who spend weeks at a time sniffing out high school games in hopes to find the next Roger Clemens, the worker bees at America’s Got Talent are possibly just as clueless as the execs they work for (the ones who think there aren’t enough talent shows on television these days). This didn’t stop the great drummer and composer from laughing about the whole ordeal on Facebook. So while we wait for the next release from Mr. Previte, whenever that will be, we have a great gaggle of cues to pass the time. They are brief, but there are 94 of them and they’re free. Previte didn’t appear to have put much thought into the naming of the “albums” – UPTEMPO, DOWNTEMPO, ELECTRONIC, PIPE ORGAN and PIANO – but that’s more than one can say for the thought process behind America’s Got Talent.

Download here.