Small Black’s ‘Limits of Desire’ + Bottleneck ‘I Love You Man’ Exhibits

Organized around an art exhibit the band curated, Small Black performed an intimate show to preview their new album Limits of Desire. Around the corner, the Bottleneck Gallery had an opening night reception as well.
Small Black

I first came across the band Small Black when they released the Moon Killer mixtape (available below), which included the track “Love’s Not Enough” sampling “Your Love” from Nicki Minaj. However oblivious I was to the Minaj vocal sample, I was still drawn to the chillwave track — it was as appealing as the best from Beach House, Washed Out or College (a band that came to us courtesy of the Drive soundtrack). I never sought out their older albums/efforts, but when I heard they were releasing a new album, Limits of Desire and kicking off a tour with an art show and DJ set, I went to check it out. Little did I know that the reported “DJ set” was really a proper band performance — and would encompass most of the new album. The band didn’t discuss the art itself (I would have liked to know what those fabric scraps represented), save for thanking the man projecting the visuals across their faces, but they were amped to perform. Near the end of their set, they played the single “No Strangers”, a wobbly, dreamy pop tune that is sure to make summer playlists.

Enroute to 7 Dunham, the gallery Small Black had booked, I made a pit stop just around the corner at the Bottleneck Gallery for their mixed artist opening night reception dubbed “I Love You Man”, with art featuring buddies and bromances from popular culture. I was most charmed by the Calvin and Hobbes 3D cutout works but at a couple hundred dollars each, I had to pass (they were already purchased anyways). Other intriguing works were a series of Cornetto-themed images (with the various buddies played by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz), a scratchboard piece featuring Rocky & Bullwinkle, plus pieces inspired by Three Amigos, Ghostbusters and one figurines set of Ren & Stimpy. But a lot of the works only merited a “meh” whether it was because the theme was not of interest or the art itself didn’t seem inspired. The gallery’s next show does seem promising however and may be worth checking out (flyer is below) as it features the singular talents of one artist.

Small Black’s ‘Limits of Desire’ Art Show:


Bottleneck Gallery’s ‘I Love You Man’ Opening Night Reception:

The next exhibit at the Bottleneck Gallery, ‘Moments’ by Alice X. Zhang, opens on June 7th (and it looks like it will be fantastic).