The Month In Pop Entertainment: June 2013

Highlighting the month’s top releases in movies, music, television, and video games.

June brings us the start of summer movie blockbusters, but there’s plenty of other types of entertainment available this month. If you’re also wondering what addictive video game hits the shelves soon, what albums are vying for song of the summer status, or which recently renewed TV series is only just now wrapping up its first season, read on.

Monsters University (June 21st)

This prequel to the 2001 hit takes us back to Mike and Sully’s college days, when the two buddies were (surprise!) bitter enemies. Possibly the world’s first family-friendly college comedy, it might bring back memories of your past, or make your kids want to stay in school.


Man of Steel (June 14th)

Will the third time be the charm for Superman? After two failed attempts to make the superhero a box office leader, Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan has been called in to show a darker side to this origin story.


Kanye West Yeezus album (June 18th?)

The most boastful star in hip-hop returns with his seventh album, which he praises as “the most important thing I ever made”. Gossip hounds will be eager to hear if and what he says about pregnant girlfriend, Kim Kardashian. Rap fans will be eager to see if the album (which he is rumored to still be working on) is actually released on June 18th or not.


World War Z (June 21st)

Brad Pitt stars a dad desperate to protect his family from zombies. Don’t expect your typical slow-moving, greenish, drooling zombies, though: this is a full-blown zombie apocalypse. This movie will also answer the burning question: are people sick of zombies yet?


Hannibal Season One Finale (June 27th)

Recently saved from the brink of cancellation, Hannibal ends its first season in what will probably be a big cliffhanger. Will the agents finally discover that the good doctor is actually a psychotic killer? Will the series finally let us know if any of Lecter’s creepy-looking entrees are actually made of human flesh? Either way, it’s going to take a lot of gory crime scenes and weird elk-related hallucinations for us to find out. (In lieu of a preview, here’s a mash-up of moments from previous episodes.)


The Voice Season Finale (June 18th)

Who will win? Let’s pretend like that’s the reason everyone watches this singing competition. Actually, be there for plenty of celebrity judges bickering and some surprise guest performances.


Hanson Anthem album (June 18th)

If this album is half as good as its first single, the refreshingly boppy “Get The Girl Back”, then you should be pre-ordering it immediately. Over the past couple years, Hanson has been like a musical sponge, sucking up a little of every kind of classic rock, pop, and R&B and making it sparkle. Miss it and you’ll miss a lot of summer fun.


Big Time Rush 24/Seven album (June 11th)

The UK has One Direction and the Wanted, America has Big Time Rush. The 2010’s second-biggest boyband releases their third album, which features self-written songs. Thanks to pre-orders, it is already selling well.


Animal Crossing: New Leaf Nintendo 3DS (June 9th)

The addictive game of virtual farming is expanded in a new edition that features even more customizable options. Luckily, it is on the handheld 3DS system, so you can actually while away those hours of imaginary farming outside in the sunshine, if you wish.


Warm Bodies on DVD (June 11th)

Hollywood tries to create a romantic horror comedy in this love story between a girl and a caring, sensitive undead boy. Expect lots of bloodcurdling zombie jokes and a few romantic moments. Those who might have been too embarrassed to see such ridiculousness in theatres will surely add it to their DVD rental list.

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