Smirnoff’s Mindtunes Project Rocks the House with Beats from New Musicians and DJ Fresh (Sponsor)

Accomplished British electronic music producer DJ Fresh teamed up with three disabled musicians — Andy, Mark and Jo — who share Fresh’s passion for electronic music, but lack the ability to physically play the keys of a synthesizer, in order to create a new song based solely on the three men’s brainwaves. Dr. Julien Castet is the fellow who manages the technology, which utilizes Brain-Computer Interfaces that allows individuals to literally send commands to a computer via their brainwaves. It’s hugely powerful technology that opens up a world of creativity and digital productivity to people previously denied such means of expression.

Smirnoff, The driving force behind the project, has partnered with QEF with Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People. The goal is to raise funds for this worthy charity by deriving revenue for downloads of this track. Smirnoff’s Emma Sherwood-Smith says, “We are very excited to be releasing this brand new track produced by DJ Fresh. Enabling a group of musicians to fulfill their musical ambitions has been an amazing experience. Not only does The Smirnoff Mindtunes demonstrate there is a creator inside each of us, but will also raise money for a charity that helps thousands of disabled people every year realise their true potential.”

DJ Fresh was blown away by what these Brain-Computer Interfaces can accomplish and was eager to collaborate with these mind musicians. “Ever since I was a little boy I’ve loved technology and always wanted to work with something cutting edge. What a privilege to be given the opportunity to do just that and collaborate with some truly inspirational people. The power of the brain and this brainwave technology is amazing – to think that Mindtunes was created solely by a group of physically disabled music fans using only their minds. I am very proud to be part of this project – it just goes to show what people have the power to create if they’re given the opportunity,” says DJ Fresh, who produced the finished track.

One can easily see how this technology could break down barriers for everyone, unleashing a torrent of human creativity for those who can’t necessarily play an instrument and those with physical impediments such as the various forms of arthritis that can make computer work exceeding difficult. Smirnoff stands proudly behind these new developments in expanding human potential.

Watch the complete story here and download the track here.