'Maron' Theme Song Widget and Original Soundtrack Songlist (PopMatters Premiere)

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PopMatters is pleased to share the theme song to the IFC series Maron.

If any claim to being the king of comedy in the social networking era means mastering multiple media platforms, then Marc Maron might just have the last laugh. In a career that has cut across various formats, from being a stand-up veteran to a gadfly talk-radio personality to the host of one of the most downloaded comedy podcasts around, WTF, Maron is now tackling TV with his own eponymous sitcom on IFC. Adding to his multimedia mini-empire is the original soundtrack to Maron, which features the likes of Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings, Hospitality, and Obits.

PopMatters is pleased to share Maron’s theme song, which is available via the widget posted here. The Maron original soundtrack is out on June 18 via L.A. label White Iris. Maron airs Fridays at 10 PM/9 PM Central on IFC.


Maron Original Soundtrack

(White Iris)

Releasing: 18 June

01 “Messin’ Up My Mind,” Fletcher C. Johnson

02 “Poisoned Well,” Four on the Floor

03 “Roman Ruins,” Line & Circle

04 “The Night’s So Cold,” El Sportivo & the Blooz

05 “Come on Home,” Tyrone Ashley’s Funky Music Machine

06 “Bosco’s Blues,” The Sugarman Three & Co.

07 “Heel Toe,” Dawn Landes

08 “What’s Your Name,” NO

09 “Breaks My Heart,” El Sportivo & the Blooz

10 “Friends of Friends,” Hospitality

11 “Widow of My Dreams,” Obits

12 “No Go,” Ludwig Persik

13 “Give Me a Chance,” Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings

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