The Impossible Girl: The Sky Is Calling

The Impossible Girl
The Sky Is Calling

Kim Boekbinder, better known by her stage name “The Impossible Girl”, has a beautiful voice projected against an electronic tapestry that can be enchanting and engrossing at times, but the overall mix of her second album The Sky Is Calling feels incomplete. The album is ambitious, multi-layered and covers subject matter that is rarely addressed in pop music, but the production feels flat and unbecoming of the many facets that Boekbinder (as composer and performer) attempts to infuse into each song. Why? The Sky Is Calling is, like The Impossible Girl’s 2010 self-titled debut, is an entirely crowd-funded project; the result not of major label interest but a Kickstarter campaign. In that the second album is as listenable and fun as it is, this is a fine example of how musicians can now bypass the labels and attain wider audiences on their own.

With songs like “Alien”, “Stellar Alchemist”, “Planet 216” and “The Drake Equation”, Boekbinder’s science and science fiction influences are prevalent enough for her lyrics to occasionally sound like something out of a science class. I would recommend her for a cosmic educational program on PBS if the song “Animal” didn’t delve into hot sexuality as much as science. While The Sky Is Calling could use some richer and more layered production, worthy of the high concepts and textures Boekbinder provides, Boekbinder has her crowd for a reason. The Impossible Girl is quite talented, even if her new album is not quite to the level of finished professional production that she deserves.

RATING 5 / 10