Elvis Costello & The Roots – “Walk Us Uptown” from New Album 'Wise Up Ghost'

Elvis Costello and the Roots are teaming up for a new album releasing in September via the famed Blue Note Records. 'Wise Up Ghost' offers a compelling blend of the Roots' deep funk and Costello's acerbic vocals, tied together by fabulous songwriting.


01. “Walk Us Uptown”

02. “Sugar Don’t Work”

03. “Refuse to Be Saved”

04. “Tripwire”

05. “Stick Out Your Tongue”

06. “Come the Meantimes”

07. “Grenade”

08. “Cinco Minutos Con Vos”

09. “Viceroy’s Row”

10. “Wise Up Ghost”

11. “If I Could Believe”

12. “Can You Hear Me”

13. “My New Haunt”

14. “Puppet”

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