Mondays This Fall: Your 2013 TV Preview

Summer hasn’t ended yet, but the major TV networks are busy trying to get you to think about this fall. CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC, and the CW have been showing countless ads for their upcoming new TV series, with long-form trailers available online.

So, what’s on? Who’s in it? What will last, and what will be canned before Thanksgiving? Instead of searching all over the web, let PopMatters be your ultimate guide: with descriptions, video previews, premiere dates, and the odds of survival for all the new shows this fall.

Monday nights are currently ruled by reality shows, crime procedurals, and CBS’ comedy block. Old favorites like Dancing With The Stars, How I Met Your Mother and Bones will still be on the air, but CBS, FOX, and NBC are making some changes to their line-ups.


7pm — FOX Almost Human

Premieres November 4th.

The Competition: The Voice (NBC), Dancing With The Stars (ABC), Hart Of Dixie (CW), How I Met Your Mother, and We Are Men (CBS).

Here’s a twist on the traditional buddy-cop dramedy. In the future, a hardened, pill-popping police officer (Karl Urban) is forced to work with a realistic human-looking android (Michael Ealy). He expects a submissive robot, but gets an “older model” that thinks for itself and questions his actions. It sounds hokey, but may be worth watching just for the chemistry between the two leads. It’s odds for renewal are a toss up. Online commenters seem to like what they see in the preview, but the show looks too expensive to stay on against its tough competition.

Watch it if you like: the Robocop movies, I, Robot, or Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles.


7:30pm — CBS We Are Men

Premieres September 30th.

The Competition: The Voice, Dancing With The Stars, Hart Of Dixie, and Bones (FOX).

In this sitcom, a group of middle-aged bachelors (Tony Shalhoub, Jerry O’Connell, and Chris Smith) shows their new neighbor (Kal Penn) how to live the single life in a poolside hotel complex. This concept has been done a million times before, and much funnier, too. For example, this is the show’s idea of humor: a divorced man declares, “She wants half? Does she want half of the chlamydia she gave me back, too?” Yuck. CBS needs high ratings to keep a sitcom on the air, especially one with a semi-famous cast. Don’t be surprised if this becomes the first cancellation of the season.

Watch it if you like: Guys With Kids or Entourage.


8pm — FOX Sleepy Hollow

Premieres September 16th.

The Competition: The Voice, Dancing With the Stars, Beauty & The Beast (CW), 2 Broke Girls, and Mom (CBS).

Despite its title, the only thing this supernatural drama has in common with the Washington Irving tale is some names and locations. This show actually focuses on a revolutionary war soldier (Tom Mison), who wakes up to find himself in modern times. When the redcoat he killed shows up as a seemingly headless ghost, Ichabod teams up with the local sheriff (Nicole Beharie) to get some answers. Fans of the National Treasure movies will recognize the familiar “pyramid on the back of the dollar bill is a clue” plot, but the series does look promising.

The premiere episode will probably bring in big ratings, but the big question is whether viewers will lose interest or not. FOX may wind up moving this to a more sci-fi friendly night later in the season. Rumour has it that is why repeats of Sleepy Hollow are scheduled to air on Friday nights at 8pm Central for a while.

Watch it if you like: Grimm or Supernatural.


8:30pm — CBS Mom

Premieres September 23rd.

The Competition: The Voice, Dancing With The Stars, Beauty & The Beast, and Sleepy Hollow (FOX).

In this raunchy sitcom from producer Chuck Lorre, a recovering alcoholic (Anna Faris) gets unwanted parenting advice from her kooky mother (Allison Janney), a former addict. Due to such un-heartwarming moments as when the older mother calls her former habit of “sucking cocaine out of the carpet” as being “frugal”, families (or viewers with class) should stay away from this mess. This will likely keep the viewers of the successful yet tasteless 2 Broke Girls interested, so you can expect it to stick around for at least one season.

Watch it if you like: 2 Broke Girls or Mike & Molly.


9pm — CBS Hostages

Premieres September 23rd.

The Competition: The Blacklist (NBC), Castle (ABC), and local news broadcasts (FOX) (CW).

A mysterious FBI agent (Dylan McDermott) orders a doctor (Toni Collette) to kill the president of the United States during surgery. Just how this concept can be stretched out for an entire television series is a mystery. CBS’ high ratings standards might kill this show off before its questions get answers. If it underperforms, the network is ready to slip CIA drama Intelligence into Hostages place before its scheduled midseason premiere.

Watch it if you like: The Mob Doctor or Homeland.


9pm — NBC The Blacklist

Premieres September 23rd.

The Competition: Hostages (CBS), Castle (ABC), and local news broadcasts (FOX) (CW).

A rookie FBI agent (Megan Boone) is shocked to discover that a notorious criminal mastermind (James Spader) has just turned himself in and demands to work with her alone in catching his former cohorts. How does he even know about her? And what is he really up to? (I have a theory that she’s his long-lost daughter, but it’s hard to tell from an internet preview.) This looks interesting, but will it hold the attention of Voice viewers? It’s a toss up.

Watch it if you like: Hannibal or Person of Interest.


Times listed in the Central Standard time zone. Dates and times may change; check your local listings.