CMJ Music Marathon 2013 Expands Line-Up

If you are in New York City for CMJ Music Marathon, you're not gonna get a lot of sleep.

New York's CMJ Music Marathon kicks off in a couple of weeks and if you are attending, be prepared to run around on not a lot of sleep. There are so many artists performing that the website doesn't even keep count. However, there are some names on the list that stand out and some notable events that we'd like to point out. As much as we wish we could, PopMatters is unlikely to catch half of what we want to see. There is just so much going on and while browsing the list of acts, here are a few things that caught my eye based on name recognition or other factors.

We've already seen Savoir Adore, but the female half, Deidre is part of a different act, Deidre & The Dark, who will be performing (the other half of Savoir Adore is probably not in Rueben & the Dark who are part of CMJ). Black Taxi, the Brooklyn rock outfit we saw last year will be returning and Spirit Animal, another rock group we've seen, are also slated for CMJl. Au Revoir Simone, HAERTS, The Dismemberment Plan, Lee Fields & The Expressions will all make at least one appearance during the day during the KEXP Live Broadcast series from the Judson Memorial Church as will many other acts. There are three acts with holy in their name, Holy Esque, Holy Wave and Holychild and another three with dead in their name, Another Dead Clown, Dead Stars and The Deadmen.

Those are just some of the many acts performing in official CMJ showcases October 15 through 18th in New York, The newest additions are below and include Father John Misty who have been getting some good buzz this year. Be sure to visit the official CMJ website to get more information on when and where the bands are playing as well as to pick up your badge.

Father John Misty * The Head & the Heart * Hockey * Nachtmystium * Real Estate * Talib Kweli * Alberta Cross * Tanlines (DJ Set) * Yuck * Duologue * Stalley * Riff Raff * Here We Go Magic * Real Magic * Fat Tony * Landshapes * StaG * Ghost Pal * Jean Jackets * Swaai Boys * Harmonica Lewinskies * No Shoes * Gingerlys * AJR * Them Swoops * Gentleman Hall * Echosmith * Hawk and Dove * Folding Legs * The Wives * The Von Shakes * The Dirty Names * Wyldlife * Scott & Charlene's Wedding *Bardo Pond * Variety Lights * Mark Mulcahy *Fawn Spots * SKI LODGE * Braid * The Jazz June * Enemies *Have Mercy * Caravels * The Meaning of Life * Big Quiet * Eula * Duke Evers * The Brooklyn What * The Planes * My Teenage Stride * Slothrust * Unicycle Loves You * The Darcys *Dinosaur Bones * Howth * Christopher Paul Sterling * SWF * Sharkmuffin * Hippy * Crazy Pills * Sideasideb * Starina * Vattnet Viskar * Ramming Speed * Black Anvil * Byzantine * Nachtmystium * Black Taxi * Royal Teeth * SURFING * Marques Toliver * Easter Island * Lily & The Parlor Tricks * ARMS * The Ugly Club * Seasick Mama * Stone Cold Fox * Sheppard * Computer Magic * Cherub * Sliink * Nadus * Swizzymack * Dirty South Joe * STRNGRS * The Balconies * Brett Saxon * The Motorleague * Mount Sharp * Edmund II * Fixtures * Isle of Rhodes * Slim Way * The Spanish Channel * Eric French and Mr. Hyde * NCM * Winchester Local * Old Monk * These Animals * Grownup Noise * Golden Bloom * Sleep Study * Virtual CH * Teen Girl Scientist Monthly * Crazy Pills * Luke Wesley * Bryan Dunn * Adam Faucett and the Tall Grass * Birth of Joy * Royston Vasie * Les Racquets * Butchers and Bakers * Song Sparrow Research * Joanna Gruesome * Tokyo Tabboo * Gypsy Wig * Bugs in The Dark * Osekre & The Lucky Bastards * Napoleon * Week of Wonders * MISTER SUIT * KNTRLR * StaG * Bird to Prey * Shady Elders * The Dragons of Zynth

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