Tim Easton - "Don't Lie" (video) (Premiere)

Photo: Tyler McCay

Tim Easton is one of those songwriters' songwriters, eternally respected by his colleagues in the Americana scene, which means you need to listen to him now.

"Don't Lie" is a rockabilly-infused toe tapper from Tim Easton's latest album, Not Cool, which received an 8/10 from our reviewer, who said "Easton hits the sweet spot on album number 10." Today we have the pleasure of premiering "Don't Lie", which as Easton explains below was originally intended to be a Sun Records tribute and morphed into something else.

"'Don't Lie' is a snap-shot of a combustible couple, with a fairly direct message in the chorus. It started off as a Sun Studios tribute and ended up a story song with some teeth. I knew this song had to kick off the album the minute I heard the playback on day one of the recording sessions for Not Cool. For me, this track is a testament to how certain music, when done right, is truly not repeatable. There are hooks and parts to this song, yet it is simply the blues, and the performance captured relies heavily on the emotion of the moment. I feel lucky to have gotten that take out of thin air with friends in the studio. It's been nearly impossible to repeat it, and every night is a new chance. No matter what, however, the message is clear. You could sing it to the one you love, the one you despise, or the one you did or didn't vote for. -- Tim Easton

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