Beastwars – “Realms” (video)

The band’s sophomore album, Blood Becomes Fire, hit number two on the local charts on release, and the vinyl edition sold out immediately — with LPs winging their way all over the world.

They toured to sold-out shows throughout New Zealand once again, and made serious inroads across the ditch in Australia too. Blood Becomes Fire drew rave reviews from around the globe, and Beastwars was nominated (once again) in multiple categories at the New Zealand Music Awards.

Not bad for a bunch of guys dedicated to a DIY ethos that follows one simple yet powerful creed: Obey the Riff.

Earlier this year, Beastwars’ released a fantastic Frank Frazetta via Ralph Banski animated video for “Dune”. One well worth checking out if you’re a fan of prehistoric critters, black hole portals, and psychedelic landscapes all soundtracked by tyrannosaur riffs, stegosaur percussion, and vocalist Matt Hyde’s earth-quaking howls and growls. The band’s brand new clip for “Realms” continues the use of sci-fi and astral themes. Only this time it’s alien abduction and parallel dimensions — all born from the utter weirdness of suburbia.

Be assured, the same monstrous sonics apply.