Silent Lions - "Stolen in the Heat of the Moment" (video) (Premiere) + Tour Dates

Ohio chill-punk, spooky-soul duo Silent Lions release video for new single, "Stolen in the Heat of the Moment".

In anticipation of their sophomore EP dropping in January, Toledo twosome Silent Lions have unveiled a video for their captivating new single, “Stolen in the Heat of the Moment”. A vibe of paranoia runs throughout the stylistically-shifting tune, opening with ghostly vocals and a doomsday rumble. The established spooky chill only gets more unnerving (and intriguing) when the bottom drops out, leaving only some light key twinkling and a falsetto belying the menace of “I can’t let you leave me / Can’t get you off my mind / You know it does get better / You’ll just have to give it time." On the way out, the parts come unhinged and some frenetic instrumentation is indulged.

The video, directed by Ben Snyder, finds the bass and drum two-piece of Dean Tartaglia and Matt Klein performing the tune in a decolorized setting, mirrored images spliced and fluttering on top of one another.

The duo’s EP, The Compartments, is due out Jan. 14 on Nah Collective. In support of it, they’re going on tour, playing the following locales in early 2014:

Jan. 11 Ferndale, MI — The Loving Touch

Jan. 15 Ann Arbor, MI — The Blind Pig

Jan. 16 Cleveland, OH — The Grog Shop

Jan. 17 Chicago, IL — Quencher’s

Jan. 18 Lafayette, IN — The Bayou

Jan. 19 Bloomington, IN — Root Cellar

Jan. 20 Muncie, IN — Be Here Now

Jan. 22 Charleston, WV — Empty Glass

Jan. 23 Morganton, WV — 123 Pleasant St.

Jan. 24 Washington, D.C. — Jam Jar

Jan. 25 Washington, D.C. — Ezra Mae’s

Jan. 27 Boston, MA — Middle East

Jan. 28 Brooklyn, NY — Muchmore’s

Jan. 31 Columbus, OH — Carabar

Feb. 1 Athens, OH — 2112

Feb. 4 Huntington, WV — Elimination Chamber

Feb. 5 Cincinnati, OH — Mayday

Feb. 6 Dayton, OH—Jimmie’s Lounge 11

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