Wild Child – “Crazy Bird” (video)

If MTV makes you wanna smoke crack, check out Wild Child's "Crazy Bird" for a taste of what music video's could be.

The de-evolution of Western culture could be hinged entirely on the music video. One of the first easily digestible multimedia facets, the ambition for music videos in the early days was comparable to a short film. An entire idea could be expressed within three visual minutes. High ideals were quickly abandoned for flash, in your face dramatics and lip-synced sentiment.

Wild Child‘s “Crazy Bird” video recognizes this and plays with the common music video cliché. Outside of the catchy soundtrack, the video itself is adorable for its low budget special effects, beautiful for their faults actors, and endearing mockery of the entertainment industry. More hip than hipster, you should share this video with all those friends looking to jump the next cool thing before it’s cheapened by over-saturation.