Badi Assad: Between Love and Luck

She sings about romance and optimism in English and Portuguese.
Badi Assad
Between Love and Luck
Quatro Ventos

Sister to both members of the expert Duo Assad, Badi is a songwriter, a poplike presence against her brothers’ longform instrumentals. They take their guitars onstage and sit in tuxedos, she takes her guitar to the forest and leaps up a tree in a sundress. The contrast seems antique and allegorical. She sings about romance and optimism in English and Portuguese. “Circumstance is created daily which makes us all stronger,” she states. “So good for forging ahead and never moving apart.” Croons. Plays bossa nova. Banishes complication. Promotes transparency. When she wants to get across the idea of busyness in “Pega No Coco” she makes it bouyant and crazy and ends by aligning herself with the percussive beep-deep of alarm clocks. In all of these songs she is going with something rather than against it, which makes the album sound guileless and unshadowed, part of the larger Brazilian wave of Afro-rooted sound that goes with soft impervious force in the direction of up.

RATING 6 / 10


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