Toy Fair 2014: Sons of Anarchy, Skylanders and More (Photos)

While Activision didn't have a new Skylanders game to show off, they did have new toys and MEZCO's line expands to include Sons of Anarchy as well as Breaking Bad.

In the past, video games haven’t been a big part of the international Toy Fair, but that hadn’t stopped Activision from having a big booth to showcase their Skylanders game/collectible toy hybrid line. This year however, Activision wasn’t sharing any info about any new game for 2014 at Toy Fair, so their booth was a bit more subdued. They did showcase a couple of new characters for their game as well as a seasonal variant, the springtime Trigger Happy, a pastel colored character in an egg-shaped package. They also announced a partnership by which they will release fruit snacks later this year but the samples they had were too gummy and unpleasantly stuck to my teeth.

Meanwhile, Nintendo of America had a small appointment-only presence to show off their 2DS hardware, which I find uninteresting but seems to be targeted at a younger generation who won’t break the foldable 3DS unit so perhaps that’s why I didn’t care. They also had Disney Magical Adventure, an Animal Crossing like game set in the Disney world, Kirby Triple Deluxe, the pink hero in a new adventure that’s out in Japan, and Yoshi’s New Island, a sequel like many other Nintendo titles, that is yet to be released. Only one level was available to show on the last game but they’ve expanded Yoshi’s bag of tricks and he can go underwater and swallow large enemies now.

MEZCO’s line of themed toys expands to include Sons of Anarchy as well as a few other Breaking Bad items. I overheard some people say it’s hard to make figures out of characters who don’t really change their clothes much on their respective shows, but despite that, the company has done a good job putting together some cool looking figures for both shows. Who wouldn’t want their own Jesse Pinkman plush to beat up on? The puerile humor of Axe Cop was in good company as South Park figures were also on display.

Finally, the bottom picture depicts what the limited edition blu-ray set of The Walking Dead might look like, though it will be tough to beat the Governor’s fishtank from the prior year.

View a larger gallery of high res toy images over at Facebook!

Skylanders Mascot:


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