Kansas-based Vaporwave producer YYU set to release new 12″ for UK based label RAMP Recordings

Kansas based 'Vaporwave' producer YYU set to release new 12" for UK based label RAMP Recordings with a new album mooted for early Autumn.

Following from 2012’s critically lauded album TIMETIMETIME&TIME for US based ‘Vaporwave’ label ‘Beer On The Rug’, mysterious 21 year old, Kansas based experimental producer and sonic auteur ‘YYU’ (Ben Straus) is set to release his first 12” single – entitled Kiss As We Walk – for UK based powerhouse RAMP, with his second official full length album set to follow on the label later on this year.

The press release describes YYU as “advancing on his unique, home-spun sound; a sound that sees the innovate producer utilizing lo-fi recordings of live instrumentation and heavily effected, pitch shifting vocal refrains, alongside modern, hip hop leaning, beat scene production techniques and a playful, intriguing approach to arrangement and understanding of the way his tunes ebb and flow”

The two new tunes on offer are both intriguing and beguiling in equal measure, and there is definitely evidence on show that the talented producer has expanded his scope of vision somewhat, giving us a strong, early indication of the direction he has undertaken for his new album, which I for one am utterly stoked for.

Kiss As We Walk is set for release on March 24th.


1. Kiss As We Walk

2. When We Were Old