Josh Ritter: 7 March 2014 – Town Hall, New York (Photos)

Josh Ritter wrapped up the Winter leg of his acoustic tour with two shows in New York City.
Josh Ritter

When Ritter asked for the house lights to be turned off, leaving just the dim sconces lining the walls of Town Hall illuminated, he went into his heartbreaking tales, “The Curse”. Sniffles arose in the audience just audible enough over the solo performance Ritter was giving to let him know how affecting his music was. It was perhaps the highlight of the evening, the second to last show of Ritter’s Winter acoustic tour in a venue he lavished praise upon. The Idaho singer was joined by Colorado based Gregory Alan Isakov as the tour opener. These two singer-songwriters made a great match as performers. Isakov is touring on the release of his third album 2013’s The Weatherman, while Ritter mixed up his setlist a lot with material from his recent release The Beast in its Tracks alongside many of his older favorites and some covers. Soon Ritter will perform some new tunes for a Chicago audience before a few summer shows but for now check out the pictures and setlist below.

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Gregory Alan Isakov:

Josh Ritter:


Best for the Best

Monster Ballads

A Certain Light



Joy To You Baby

Abilene (George Hamilton IV cover)

Change of Time (solo)

The Temptation of Adam (solo)


Make Me Down

Can’t Go to Sleep (Without You)

I’m Not Afraid (Ricky Nelson)


New Lover (solo)

The Curse (solo)

Save Me a Place (Fleetwood Mac)

Girl in the War




Snow is Gone

Lillian, Egypt

Wait for Love