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Fan Modine - 'Cause Célèbre' (album stream) (Premiere)

Today we present the online premiere of chamber poppy Fan Modine's latest album, Cause Célèbre, releasing April 1st via Lost Colony Music.

We've already shared the album tune "One Company" with you and talked our deep appreciation of Fan Modine's work. Now we are going to let Fan Modine themselves tell you all about Cause Célèbre in this exclusive track-by-track interview. Meanwhile, you can pre-order the album at both iTunes and Amazon.

1. "Épater la Bourgeoisie"

"The 2014 version of Yes’ ‘Owner of a Lonely Heart’ video. Bestickered hybrid cars that are always snaking your parking space at the co-op.” -- Gordon Zacharias (Fan Modine)

2. "One Company Town"

“What would Richard Branson do if he were North Carolina’s governor? I bet he’d adapt our state motto into a full production musical, to start.” -- GZ

3. "Jandals"

“In one minute and 40 seconds I’ve recalled a fond memory I never lived.” -- Wesley Wolfe (bass, additional mixing)

4. "First Fruits and Tenths"

"Listen to more Felt and make sure you pay your taxes!” -- GZ

5. "I'll Be Your Villain"

“A real shit-kicker of a song.” -- Alex Maiolo (guitar, recording engineer)

6. "Tapestry"

“When you learn to love the quirks, it’s EPIC!” -- Carole King’s ex-therapist.

7. "Skip"

“Cyclical in mood. I found my parts flowing out right away. Dancing thirds and fifths and little arpeggiated chords.” -- Missy Thangs (piano)

8. "Shut-Ins"

“This started out as a swirling Cocteaus-like piece of atmospheric pop. As much as I love effected, reverbed-out guitar, I like that this turned out as a mostly acoustic number.” -- AM

9. "Rich Girls in Wellingtons"

“American and Scottish accents blended quite nicely!” -- Pete Weiss (mixing engineer)

“I dig Fan Modine... ‘Rich Girls in Wellingtons’ taps into a vibe any young working class Scottish guy with a guitar and a love of Orange Juice could relate to. I contributed to the track and it sure struck a chord, for more details you'll have to wait for my autobiography. -- Love, Stevie Jackson” (guitar, vocals) (Stevie is in Belle & Sebastian)

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