Cut Copy: 21 March 2014 – New York (Photos)

Cut Copy continue to be a formidable live addiction, with lots of hardcore fans who will sweat it out under the strobes at all their shows.
Cut Copy

I was in the photo pit, meaning I was right in front, for two of my favorite Cut Copy songs. The opening combo of “We are Explorers” and “Take Me Over” kick started my adrenaline glands to provide me with the required energy for sustaining a marathon dance set from the Australian group. Continuing their Free Your Mind global tour, Cut Copy touched down for two live shows and a DJ set in New York which all were sold out. The band has fine tuned their live act to squeeze every ounce of passion from it’s fans, keeping a tight set with tracks from all their four albums (though only the last three on the Friday show, the Saturday attendees were treated to “Saturdays” from Bright Like Neon Love).

The fans of course come eager to share their passion, as made evident by a post by ‘I Like Weird Stuff’,

The audience sang the entirety of “Hearts on Fire” together, both nights. We timed our jumps and screamed “WHOOOO!” when the lights flashed during “Where I’m Going”, and lamented our physical needs during “So Haunted.” Both shows, despite slightly adjusted setlists, seemed to invite a sense of exploration not unlike the album does, inviting us all to embark on a journey (“We are Explorers”), then release our preconceived notions (“Free Your Mind”), then reconnect with the id and rejoin together at the end (“Meet Me in the House of Love”). The encore allowed us to revisit the themes of Free Your Mind (“Walking in the Sky”) and then prepare to carry that sense of oneness forward with one last magnificent dance (“Need You Now”).

It might seem that Cut Copy pulls a cruel trick on its fans at the end, as Dan Whitford was singing “I need you now”, the show was basically over. But the fans did get three shows from the band and it is hard to ask for more. But of course, for those same fans, if they need more Cut Copy, they need more now. Being addicted to their music is a stronger craving than one any drug can create.

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We are Explorers

Take Me Over

Free Your Mind

Where I’m Going

In Memory Capsule

So Haunted

Hearts on Fire

Feel the Love

Out there on the Ice

Let Me Show You Love

Sun God

Meet Me In a House of Love

Lights & Music


Walking in the Sky

Need You Now