Pigeon John – ‘Encino Man’ (album stream) (Premiere)

Los Angeles backpack rapper Pigeon John returns with his sixth studio album next Tuesday, but we have the goods for you today.

Pigeon John grew up listening to pop as much as hip-hop and he brings that broad sensibility to his work, creating songs that are fiercely independent of any genre expectations. That musical exploration and curiosity always renders Pigeon John’s records as intriguing listens.

According to Pigeon John, “I’m real happy to be this close to the release of my sixth studio album. I got to work again with the great Herve Salters of General Elektriks to produce and play on the this record. We recorded it in Los Angeles and Berlin and it features L.A. Symphony’s Sareem Poems, Flynn Adam and Gr. JsnBeits, along with 20 Syl and DJ Atom of C2C and LDonTheCut with Ariano. Mixed by Mike Cresswell, who is responsible for many of Quannum Projects hit albums and mastered by Low End Thoery’s Daddy Kev. Its a dream come true working with these cats and getting to write and tour and put out music for YOU! I hope ya dig…”