Jeffertitt's Nile: The Electric Hour

Father John Misty bassist crafts elegant album of psychedelic grandeur.

Jeffertitti’s Nile

The Electric Hour

Label: Beyond Beyond Is Beyond
US Release Date: 2014-04-29
UK Release Date: Import

By now, the formula for making a psychedelic record of any kind has been more or less firmly established: detached, heavily reverbed vocals; random sonic squiggles and shuddering reverb; heavily distorted guitars, droning bass, and elephantine drums; squally passages interrupted by moments of transcendent beauty; vintage keyboard sounds and odd vocal samples, preferably from obscure archival recordings. If you can properly incorporate any or all of these elements and hold the listener’s attention across 40-odd minutes, you've got yourself an album worth considering in the varied sea of psych bands currently swirling about.

Thankfully, Jeffertitti’s Nile manages to do all of this and then some with The Electric Hour. While there’s nothing groundbreaking here, all of the requisite elements of a good-to-great psych record can be found in these nine tracks of sonic freak-outs, epic aural grandeur, and appropriately organic, scruffy production. Jefferitti’s Nile has created an album worthy of both their psych contemporaries (Tame Impala, et. al.), as well as the originators of the genre. A solid effort overall and one that could easily see Jeffertitti branching out from his current gig with Father John Misty.

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