Klaus Johann Grobe: Im Sinne der Zeit

Swiss drum and organ/synth duo debut in fine form, ably mixing and matching styles on their first full length.
Klaus Johann Grobe
Im Sinne der Zeit
Trouble in Mind

Released on Chicago-based Trouble In Mind records — who have been on a bit of a tear lately releasing a number of highly enjoyable, scruffy ‘60s and ‘70s-style throwback records — Swiss duo Klaus Johann Grobe continue the trend with their debut full length, Im Sinne de Zeit.

Joining an international roster that currently includes The Liminanas (France), Montibus Communitas (Peru) and Jacco Gardner (Netherlands), Klaus Johann Grobe (Sevi Landolt on organ/synths and vocals, Daniel Bachmann on drums and vocals) seamlessly slot into the label’s already well-established sonic template and level of excellence, ably tackling vintage sounds within a contemporary context.

Throughout Im Sinne de Zeit, traces of garage, motorik, exotica, funk, and the avant garde mingle with one another while Landolt and Bachmann deliver lyrics entirely in German. A potential stumbling block for some listeners, the music proves compelling enough (thanks largely to the duo’s undeniable chemistry) to hold the attention of those perhaps more inclined to focus on lyrical content and, in the process, does a fine job of attempting to tear down any sort of language barrier that might crop up.

While by no means exceptional or revolutionary, Im Sinne de Zeit proves to be yet another solid release from Trouble in Mind in a catalog full of them.

RATING 7 / 10
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