Rachel Taylor Brown: Falimy

A razor-sharp look at life through a young lady's eyes.

Rachel Taylor Brown


Label: Self-released
US Release Date: 2014
UK Release Date: 2014

When the first few notes of this album flow through one's ears, one's first thought is likely to be, "Oh, please no. Not another angst-y singer-songwriter." Keep going, though, and one's ears are pleasantly rewarded. These songs have obviously spent a long time inside Brown's head. "Litany of the Family" and "Men in War", in particular, sound like they have positively been torn from the gullet, such is the power of the voice and the passion behind the playing on them.

Overall, the album has a very fresh, cranky and funky sound, which prevents it from getting maudlin or too introspective. It also makes sure that the set gels very well as a whole. You'll be up on your feet dancing your heart out and pondering the lyrics at the same time. And surely you can't ask for more than that from an album so obviously personal, right?


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