Battle Flags - "Lost Boys (Alex Winters Is My Hero)" (video) (Premiere)

Battle Flags' releases new single and video as an ode to '80s cinema classic The Lost Boys.

Battle Flags is the project of singer/songwriter/producer Jack Budd, a Brooklynite via Richmond, Virginia. He describes his sound as "a sonic pop patchwork of bike rides, spray paint, social change, drunken camaraderie, and hope". This translates into lyrical vocals, heavy rhythms, guitar riffs, and bright synths. His newest EP Color Engine II contains his best songs to date. Budd stepped his production game up big time with this EP while still keeping the homegrown feel of those previous recordings which garnered him a loyal following around the blogosphere.

His first single from Color Engine II, “Lost Boys (Alex Winters Is My Hero)” is a raucous ode to drunken nights and Joel Schumacher’s The Lost Boys, a staple of '80s cinema that Budd worshiped as a youngster. He wanted this spirit to carry over into his first official music video, so he teamed up with director Conor Kelley and they came up with a plan fit for a teenage vampire flick: Bring a couple of friends to Coney Island in the summer, drink some 40s, and cause some trouble. Budd is featured in the video, along with some of the people who helped him craft Color Engine II; music producer/comedian Kevin Dawkins, and musician/producer Ryan Renn. The result is as fun to watch as it sounds like it was to make.

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