Baby Baby – “Short Little Summer Love Song” (audio) (Premiere)

Despite its underlying melancholy, Baby Baby's "Short Little Summer Love Song" is a bouncy tune that's ideal for listening to in the rays of the summer sun.

In describing “Short Little Summer Love Song”, Atlanta rock outfit Baby Baby says, “The worst part about about love is feels like it will last forever and there’s nothing anyone can tell you otherwise. However, if life has told us anything it’s that love is fleeting and fragile at best.” Despite its otherwise bouncy demeanor, “Short Little Summer Love Song”, a track off of Baby Baby’s recent Big Boy Baller Club LP, attempts to clutch on to the inherently ephemeral spirit of summer.

Lead singer Fontez Brooks persistently asks throughout the song, “Will you love me now forever?” He, of course, wants it both ways, with now and forever melding together being subsumed together, forming a strange sort of eternity. Pop music’s long obsession with love and its being ever-fleetingness only grows by the day, and amidst that deluge of tunes lies “Short Little Summer Love Song”. The title truly says everything there is to say about this number: for all the rays of light that drench the season, it’s best to not get blinded. The road ahead is short, and winter can feel so long.

Stream Big Boy Baller Club via Bandcamp here.

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