Amatorski – “from clay to figures” (audio) (Premiere)

You can stream the full audio of from clay to figures, the newest release by the Belgian post-rock outfit Amatorski, exclusively here at PopMatters.
from clay to figures
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Following its European release in April, from clay to figures, the new LP by the Belgian post-rock outfit Amatorski, is finally seeing its stateside release. The album, which in true post-rock fashion spans a whole range of soundscapes, brings to mind the placid, dreamy reveries of Sigur Rós. The music’s melancholy streak echoes of the work of the French instrumental project Ending Satellites.

from clay to figures is a gorgeous set of tunes, one that plays all the cards one would expect a group of this kind to play—but does so exceptionally well. Cuts like album highlight “wild birds” is exactly the kind of song to make doing the most mundane tasks seem life-changing and significant. Suffice it to say, this record’s United States release couldn’t come any sooner. “We are very happy to release our album in the US. We got a lot of inspiration in New York, which is why we made a homage to the river Hudson on our album,” the band says, referencing opening track “Hudson”. “We look forward to coming back to the States in September”.