NRBQ - Brass Tacks Five-Song Stream (audio) (Premiere)

Five tracks from the forthcoming album by the legendary rockers NRBQ, entitled Brass Tacks, are available to stream exclusively on PopMatters.

NRBQ is an acronym for "New Rhythm and Blues Quartet". Ever since putting out their self-titled first release in 1969, this Florida-based quartet has run through a gamut of popular rock, jazz, and R&B styles, filtering all of its sonic explorations through its effervescent, carefree style. While many bands might be satisfied in calling it quits after 45 years, the gents of NRBQ still have music in their bones just waiting to be played. Brass Tacks, the group's latest LP, is a portrait of musicians that are simply unwilling to call it quits in their musical journey. Spanning '60's pop to smooth jazz, Brass Tacks does more than hint that there may be more to come from this impressively tenacious collective.

Pianist and vocalist Terry Adams says of the album, “The music on Brass Tacks is as on schedule as a Tokyo train. It's right where NRBQ is. We're very proud of this record and hope the music makes you as happy as it made the band when we were recording it. I encourage you to relax and feel the clean energy that makes our sound. Thanks, and don't forget to wave and say hello next time we are passing through.”

Brass Tacks is out on June 17th via Clang!

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