Katie Buchanan - "At Least I" (audio) (Premiere)

Stream the sunlight-brushed "At Least I", by the singer/songwriter Katie Buchanan, exclusively here at PopMatters.

Katie Buchanan's music feels like it's basking in the rays of the sun. Though now based in the concrete jungle of New York City, Buchanan originally hails from Kansas, and her country-inflected music reflects her roots. As depicted in the cover art to her newest single Go -- also the name of her forthcoming EP -- her songwriting has a certain golden hour aura about it. "At Least I", another track from Go EP, similarly evokes this summertime ambiance, with chant-like background vocals and a convivial spirit that makes this sound like an ideal song for spinning in a summertime picnic out in a freshly trimmed field.

Buchanan gives her take on the tune: "'At Least I' is basically the rational core of an emotional EP, a very matter of fact palate cleanser, if you will. I got caught on the line, 'If I can't be clever, at least I'll be bold"—a fairly faithful reflection of my M.O. Then, the rest of the writing process was some creative problem solving to make that lyric into an actual song. Plus, the bridge is just damn fun to sing."

Go EP is out on August 5th.

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