The Cold and Lovely - 'Ellis Bell' Deluxe Edition EP (audio) (Premiere)

The deluxe edition of the Los Angeles based shoegaze duo the Cold and Lovely's Ellis Bell EP is available for stream exclusively here on PopMatters.

Ellis Bell, an EP by the Los Angeles-based shoegaze duo the Cold and Lovely, was initially released in September in 2013. Less than a year later, the team of Meghan Toohey and Nicole Florentino has put together an expanded edition of the EP. "The Deluxe version features two new songs as well as a remix by the amazing Dan Konopka of OK GO," describes the band.

Though as of late shoegaze and its offshots have become enamored with filtering the music until the voices are unintelligble whispers and the music sounds ethereally hazy, there is a real bite to the music of the Cold and Lovely. The guitars aren't afraid to punch where other groups might flatten the instrument out in the mix in the hopes of achieving the effect that critics often call "textural". Simply put, this is shoegaze that really rocks.

The duo says of the EP, "The Ellis Bell is the vision that we had for the Cold and Lovely from the time the band was just an idea. The sound has been compared to some of our favorite bands, such as Lush, Garbage, My Bloody Valentine, and Silversun Pickups."

The Ellis Bell Deluxe Edition EP is available now.

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