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Jordan JAE – “Said No One Ever (Oxymorrons/AfterThemRemix)” (audio) (Premiere)

Jordan JAE may only have 14 years to her name, but her pop ambitions far outstrips her youth. Here you can stream the remix of her first single "Said No One Ever", by the hip-hop group Oxymorrons and the DJ duo AfterThem>.

The peppy and spirited environs of pop music are always providing DJs the world over with material to chop, splice, and revamp, a fact 14-year-old New York City songwriter Jordan JAE knows quite well. Though in the present day and age it's become increasingly easy for young songwriters of Jordan's ilk to record songs that might otherwise collect dust as the years of youth past by, her debut single, "Said No One Ever", has already garnered significant attention. To further the song's presence in the popsphere, Jordan has handed over her tune to the Queens, New York hip-hop outfit Oxymorrons and a DJ duo called AfterThem to inject some new life into her song. "I thought it would be really cool to hear other peoples take on 'Said No One Ever'. To hear it in a completely new light and redone in someone else's vision was really interesting and amazing."

Jordan explains the initial inspiration for the tune: "'Said No One Ever’ is about a guy who made a bet with his friends that he could get a girl to fall for him. Eventually the girl finds out but the guy says he really likes her and he’s sorry. Then the girl says that it’s fine and she’ll take him back… said no one ever. To me it means that guys have to treat girls a certain way. They shouldn’t play them or hurt them and expect that everything is going to be fine. There are consequences for everyone’s actions. It was amazing working with [song co-writers] Kinetics & One Love on the song! They are such talented, funny, and cool guys!”

Kinetics & One Love have high hopes for Jordan. "JAE so far has been the youngest artist we've ever worked with, but we were quickly impressed with her maturity and comfort in the studio. This is literally the very beginning for her and we're excited to see what she is about to accomplish".

In taking all of the energy Jordan and Kinetics & One Love started in the studio, Oxymorrons and AfterThem had plenty to work with in constructing the remix. DJ Mr. Hernandez of Oxymorrons says, ""It was so much fun creating this remix because of that piercing hook 'said no one ever'. Using AfterThem, the future of production, along with genre blending style of the Oxymorrons, we were able to create a battle of the beats between trap, b-more, dance, R&B, hip hop, and reggae. We feel we did a great job fusing all of these genres together".

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