The Wans - "Black Pony" (audio) (Premiere)

The driving, garage-rock inspired "Black Pony" by the Nashville-based the Wans is available to stream exclusively on PopMatters.

Later this year, Nashville-based rock outfit the Wans are set to release their new LP, He Said, She Said. Lead singer and guitarist Simon Kerr says of the record, "I'm more proud of this record than anything I've done in my life. The songs are all the strongest songs I've ever written. The production and sounds are brilliant thanks to our producer, Dave Cobb, and our engineer, John Netti. I can't forget Vance Powell who mixed it and Ed Spear who was assistant mix engineer. I've got pretty high expectation's for this record and I'm so excited for people to hear it.

"As a band that's been together for three years, we've accomplished a lot. We were asked to play Hangout Festival, which was absolutely fantastic and we were also asked to play Forecastle Festival and Austin City Limits Festival. We're really excited to see OutKast, Beck, and of course, our Nashville neighbor, Jack White. I honestly think that this record is going to take the Wans to the next level. The record really showcases our musicianship and songwriting."

One need look no further than "Black Pony" to see what Kerr is talking about. With all of the gusto and overdrive power of a a great classic rock tune, the track is a full-throttle preview of what's to come on He Said, She Said. Kerr says the song "wrote itself", explaining, "'Black Pony' is definitely one of the heavier songs on the record & definitely one of my favorite riffs I've written. I'd say the song sounds like Soundgarden and Black Sabbath drop kicking the Jesus Lizard.

"I say Soundgarden mainly because I love Kim Thayil's playing and phrasing on guitar. He has an odd way of approaching notes, and this riff had this Middle Eastern kind of feel when it was written. I love discovering new tunings on guitar, because they always take you in direction that you'd never go."

He Said, She Said is out on September 9th.

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