Three Minute Tease - 'Bravely Fade Away' (audio) (Premiere)

Stream the new track from the transcontinental supergroup Three Minute Tease's forthcoming album Bite the Hand, the ominous "Bravely Fade Away".

The gritty distortion that drives "Bravely Fade Away", the newest cut by the transcontinental supergroup Three Minute Tease, is but one of many reasons why the trio's sound has been called "pre-apocalyptic psychedelic pop". The band, consisting of the Berlin-based Anton Barbeau, London bassist Andy Metcalfe, and Morris Windsor (who hails from England's west coast), has an approachability that has a darkness underneath it. Barbeau's lead vocal on "Bravely Fade Away" isn't too far from the friendlier environs of singer/songwriter territory, but the almost sludgy guitars on the song's chorus add an ominous dimension to the tune.

Regarding the song, Barbeau tells PopMatters, “'Bravely Fade Away' bubbled up quickly from the shallow swamp of my psyche, after we thought ‘Bite The Hand’ was finished. We had a few gigs booked, and tried the song out at soundcheck where it immediately clicked. If I had to guess what it's "about," I'd say it speaks to the feeling of being left behind—by ‘life’ in the first verse, and by ‘somebody’ in the second. We nailed the song in two takes at Pat Collier's London studio (producer for The Jesus and Mary Chain and Robyn Hitchcock) and while the song is from a rather messy period for me personally, it's one of my favorite Three Minute Tease tracks. The song feels a little bit 1950's to me, but I added some phase-shifted 'Warm Jets' guitar just to bring it a little closer to 1973!"

Bite the Hand, Three Minute Tease's sophomore LP, is out on September 23rd through Idiot Records.

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