Dive Index: Lost in the Pressure

There is elegant beauty and grace on display, and some very pleasant pieces of music.
Dive Index
Lost in the Pressure
Neutral Music

Dive Index is a group (in the loose sense of the word) based in Los Angeles and is the brainchild of songwriter-producer Will Thomas. For Thomas’ latest release as Dive Index, he’s roped in vocal and songwriting help from Isaiah Gage and Simone White. The end result is some of the most downtempo and chillout room-based music that you’ll probably hear all year. Some may decry this as being too plain, but Lost in the Pressure does have its subtle pleasures and something to relax and unwind to. Certainly, this is not for all tastes — and there’s a key flaw in the record (more on that in a second) — but for those looking to either lie down and go to sleep with or something soft and ethereal to pursue a make-out session with, Lost in the Pressure is an album you can certainly get lost in. There is elegant beauty and grace on display, and some very pleasant pieces of music.

And yet there’s a hole in this record, which is best reflected by the lyrics to first song “Rewind Your Patience”: “We could go on and on and on / ‘Till we can’t stop.” The problem is, this outfit does go on and on and on. This record is about 54 minutes looooooong, and could easily lose 20 minutes without affecting the overall vibe; truth is, it would probably be stronger. Indeed, once you get about halfway through and realize that there’s nothing much more to this LP other than airiness, it’s easy to lose interest and it doesn’t help that the song quality seems to dip a bit before it gets better. Too, White’s female coos seem to work better than Gage’s soulful voice. Despite all of that, Lost in the Pressure isn’t all that terrible and can actually bring forth a great deal of bliss to the listener, so long as you know what you’re getting into here. At the very least, you can certainly say, due to the album’s over-length, that you’re getting your money’s worth.

RATING 6 / 10