City Tribe – “Silver Lining” (audio) (Premiere)

Arriving right at the peak of summer is "Silver Lining", a tune just perfect for the beach by the San Francisco indie outfit City Tribe.

The most popular indie rock of recent years, from the psychedelic washes of Tame Impala to the sunny vocal harmonies of Fleet Foxes, has always found the most comfort in the warm rays of summer heat. Joining groups such as these is the San Francisco-based City Tribe, who with its latest tune, “Silver Lining”, balances melancholy subject matter with music that would find a fitting home at the sands of a beach.

Regarding the tune, singer and guitarist Jacob Jones says to PopMatters, “‘Silver Lining’ is a semi-autobiographical tune about hope and love. It’s about the trials you face as a young couple, which can be extremely difficult, emotionally and financially, especially in an expensive and fast-paced city like San Francisco. There are a million distractions and challenges, and sometimes it’s hard to see things clearly. Money—or lack thereof—can make things tense, but you can almost always work through it when there’s a strong foundation of love, and a partner who will do anything for you.”

City Tribe’s latest effort, Undertow, drops on August 12th.